Priest Tyaire Productions

The bond between a son and his natural father should never be broken. So was it wrong for Christian to abandon his responsibilities as a father? Most people would say yes. But what if the reason was to ensure a better life for his son?

Alisha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named CJ, making Chase the happiest father in the world. But, what Chase didn’t realize, he was only a part of an elaborate plan to ensure a good life for what he thought was his bundle of joy. Hearts are broken; trust and relation- ships are destroyed when the devastation of 16 years of lies and deceit finally comes to the surface. Anger and resentment begin to set in as CJ is left with so many unanswered questions. Can he forgive the father who was never there, while still accepting the father that was always there? Will two men from two different walks of life be able to come together and raise one son?

Get ready to experience the power of breaking generational curses through hope and forgiveness, by destroying the cycle of absentee fathers. Priest Tyaire’s, highly
acclaimed, inspirational, stage play, Torn Between 2 Fathers does just that. This powerful production is based on a true-life story that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats captivated by the intense drama and moved by the riveting impact of the performance. 

Torn Between Two Fathers

Toured February 2015