Toured Spring and Fall 2014

Carleena Elise Osborne is one of the most prominent and sought after attorneys on the East Coast. With her client base ranging from professional female athletes to your average stay at home mom, Osborne’s primary mission is to educate and teach nancial independence to women abroad. “Depend on no man”, is her mantra. Carleena attended the best private schools and graduated summa cum laude from an Ivy League college. When she married a $40,000 dollar a year mechanic, Trey, that was not just breaking all the rules, it was a slap in her mother’s face. Introducing him to the ner side of living was an understatement; her salary changed his life. He went from living in a two-bedroom apartment to living in a ve-bedroom house with a four-car garage, each with a fancy European car with names that Trey could not even pronounce, let alone a ord. Treyvon Brown is one of the most respected and sought a er mechanics at Pep Boys, with a client base ranging from the local drug dealer to the average Joe Blow, all having cars that Trey could pronounce and work on. Graduating from the school of hard knocks, his mantra is to be the man of his house and take care of his family. Little did he know his wife would slowly but surely assume all responsibilities and become the more dominant one in the relationship. With such a signi cant gap in their salaries, it became increasingly impossible for Trey to satisfy his wife mentally, and soon sexually; and more importantly, maintain his dignity as a man. Is it possible for Trey to regain the position as head of the very household his wife’s salary has always supported or will he convert to being a soccer dad and homemaker and be sure to have Carleena’s dinner ready when she pulls her Maserati into the garage from a hard days work? 

Mrs. Independent

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